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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using a travel agent?

Travel advisors can do a lot of the research for you. They often have access to resources that the travelers don't. As a result, they can often find better deals or additional perks. Travel advisors also act as an additional advocate for you should you need one on your trip; they have your back. Rachel Forst Travels is part of a large network with supplier partners in the U.S. and all over the world.

Do I have to pay a fee for your services?

It does not cost you anything to work with our travel advisors, unless we book domestic flights for you. If we book plane tickets in the U.S., there is a $25 fee per passenger. Otherwise, we act as agents for the suppliers. The suppliers pay us, you don't, and working with a travel advisor will usually save you money and reduce the hassle!

Can travel agents help with group travel arrangements?

Yes, at Rachel Forst Travels we love putting together trips for individuals and groups. Reach out today and let's discuss your trip!

Can travel agents assist with travel insurance?

Yes! In fact, we highly recommend trip protection whenever you travel, especially when traveling outside of the country. The best time to purchase protection for the full trip (including trip cancellation, trip interruption, preexisting medical conditions, and medical while on the trip) is within 3 days of booking your trip. If you are only concerned about medical coverage while on your trip, trip insurance must be purchased no later that 25 hours before your departure date and time.

Do travel agents offer personalized itineraries?

We can create a completely customized itinerary, with private tours and transfers; we can book you on a group tour with a set itinerary; and we can put together a hybrid trip that involves a wide variety of customization as well as set tours.

Can travel agents help with last-minute travel plans?

Yes. While the best prices and largest number of choices are usually found when booking trips far in advance, we can help with last minute trips and activities.

How should I decide where to go?

To decide where to go, consider 1) the time of year you can travel; 2) what you'd like to get out of your trip; and 3) what your budget is. For example, do you want to travel someplace warm and relaxing when it's cold at home? An all-inclusive beach vaca might be just the thing. Your budget will dictate the number of days you are there. Do you want to experience as many European cities as possible, but loathe the idea of unpacking and packing more than once? A 10-day Mediterranean cruise might be the perfect trip for you. Your budget will influence the type of plane ticket you purchase and the size of your cabin.

What is the cancellation and refund policy?

All payments for travel are due prior to departure according to each Supplier's terms and conditions of booking. Failure to make final payment or any violation of a Supplier's conditions of purchase may result in cancellation of your reservations, in your being denied access to any flights, tours, hotels, cruises, or other travel services, or in your forfeiting any monies paid for your reservations. In some cases, there is NO REFUND once a booking is made and under deposit. You may not be entitled to a refund if you change or cancel your travel plans after confirmation of a booking and/or third-party Supplier's cancellation penalties may apply. Cancellation fees will be charged to the credit card or other payment method you authorized to pay for travel services or deducted from the Supplier's refund. Rachel Forst Travels is independently affiliated with Coggin Travels. The terms and conditions can be found at Terms and Conditions of Coggin Travels (and therefore Rachel Forst Travels).

If I have already booked plane tickets and hotel rooms, can I still use a travel advisor?

Yes! Rachel Forst Travels has some excellent resources for finding excursions, activities, and transfers for your trip - such as Project Expedition and Viator. We can help you make memories that will last a lifetime!