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About Our Team

Meet Rachel, Our Chief of Travel

I have a passion for travel, and I love new experiences. I don't just go to a place to check off a list, I go to participate in it. Whether it's taking the 4am Stonehenge tour so I can actually walk among the stones, getting lost in one of the quirky bookstores in Edinburgh, promenading down Gran Via to a rooftop restaurant in Barcelona, hiking Ladder Canyon Trail in Palm Desert, or touring the Schramsberg Caves with some bubbly, I want to create memories. The experience is the destination.

As a recovering CPA turned Travel Curator, I pay attention to detail as well as luxury. Let me help design your next adventure, ease your mind, and let you focus on making amazing memories.

Rachel Forst, Owner
All-time favorite destination?


Go to travel song or book?

Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen

Most adventurous food you have tried while traveling?

Squid in its own ink in Venice

Your top 3 travel essentials?

1) First Aid Kit - one with your prescriptions as well as OTC meds and supplies like ibuprofen, band aids, etc. This doesn't need to be large, but it could save you a lot of time and money as doctor visits overseas and on cruises can be very expensive and take forever to schedule. 2) Travel Pants - a pair that is super comfy (but NOT leggings), light weight, no-wrinkle fabric that can be washed out in the sink and dry quickly. Wear them or pack them in your carry on. If your luggage is lost you at least have something you can wear to dinner and tour cathedrals (which typically have strict dress codes) while you wait on your luggage to find you. 3) Binoculars - at least a small pair perfect for viewing wildlife, sea life, and trying to read the directional sign three blocks away!

Favorite piece of travel advice?

Be open. Be open to different experiences, different foods, different ways of life, different paths. I'm always surprised at what I learn about myself when I experience the ways of others.

If you could create a signature cocktailed inspired by a destination, what would it be called, and what would be in it?

It would be called the European Wanderer. It would include Hendricks gin, diet tonic, cucumber slices, and sprigs of mint poured over ice. Hendricks is made in Scotland, but a dashing bartender in Roma served me my first Hendricks gin and tonic. I added the cucumber and mint. Trust me. It will have you dreaming of summer days spent wandering the French and Italian Rivieras!

Our Trip Designers Help you Make Amazing Memories

Rachel Forst

Rachel leads the team of Rachel Forst Travels planning luxurious trips of all types. Her favorite destination is London. She especially loved the sunrise Stonehenge tour that allowed her access to the stones "behind the rope."

Staci Leamy

Staci is a wealth of information about the U.S National Parks. Her favorite national park experience involved hiking the Navajo Loop and Queens Garden Trail in Bryce Canyon National Park. Her favorite resort is the Many Glacier Hotel in the heart of Glacier National Park.


Joyce puts together fabulous golf trips. Her favorite bucket list golf experiences include playing the Whistling Straits and Blackwolf Run courses in Kohler, Wisconsin and spending a week exploring the golf courses in St. Andrews, Scotland.


Rachel Forst Travels is independently affiliated with Coggin Travels. Jeff and Cindy Coggin specialize in wine themed vacations. Their favorite wine trips include European river cruises through wine regions such as Bordeaux, Rhone, and the Rhine.

Our travel network relationships grant us access to exclusive booking tools and opportunities, promotional offers, and provide enhanced trip security through trusted travel partners.